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Introducing the Wona Concept brand, exclusive to Vancouver

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our boutique is the official and exclusive carrier of the luxury bridal fashion label – WONA Concept – in Vancouver! This news comes as we near seven years in business. 

WONA Concept is a globally renowned wedding dress brand from Europe. They’ve quickly made a name for themselves in the bridal world. They’ve captivated brides with their sophisticated yet sultry designs and exquisite detailing. Offering both bridal wear and evening lines, now, WONA Concept’s dresses, which showcase high-quality fabrics, intricate details, and elegant styling, are sold in numerous countries worldwide. And as of today, in Yaletown, Vancouver.  

“Part of our boutique’s attraction to WONA Concept is the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship and fabrics, which mesmerized us. The beloved brand represents feminine power like no other,” – says the Creative Director of Luxx Nova Bridal Boutique Vancouver, Tatiana Berdyugin.


In Ukrainian, the word WONA means “she,” symbolizing the woman who takes center stage in the label’s story. Every dress celebrates women and their diversity. WONA is a globally renowned brand that grew from a family-run private atelier to an internationally recognized brand that is carried across the world. 


As of July 8, 2024, our boutique now carries dresses from the brand’s most recent collections – the 2025 WONA Collections, Gemini and L’Unico. They incorporate the latest trends, modern fabrics, and some of the most unique design elements we’ve seen. 


The Gemini Collection features an array of dresses, including A-silhouettes, mermaid tails, ball gowns, and for the ultra-modern bride –  jumpsuits and sleek straight lines. Perfect to accentuate each bride’s individuality and elegance. The design concept delicately intertwines tenderness and charm, celebrating feminine energy in its purest form. Dresses are crafted from silk micado, Italian chantilly, and eye-catching police fabric. 


The L’unico Collection is a complete and total reinvention of the traditional bridal outfit. They are unique because they feature detachable details to transform the look throughout your wedding celebration. The selection of fabrics includes the highest-quality lace, feathers, weightless tulle, and glossy mikado – to perfect the mood of the bride and to allow her to express her personality. 

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