Wedding Dress Shopping in Vancouver

The 10 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

When you’ve been in the bridal industry for as long as we have at Luxx Nova, you’ll see it all. We have seen brides come into our bridal boutique in Vancouver for years and have noted all the wins and blunders of the bridal appointment. We want to share our expertise with you, dear brides, and let you in on the most common wedding dress shopping mistakes to avoid. It will make your wedding dress shopping experience stress-free and enjoyable.


Whether you’re planning a long engagement or want to get married soon, the date will affect your wedding dress shopping experience. When you come in for your bridal appointment at Luxx Nova, it’s one of the first questions we ask. That’s because it shapes the selection of gowns available.

Most of the gowns at Luxx Nova are made to order and can take up to six months to be back in the boutique. So, if you’re on a shorter timeline, your options will be limited. Either way, knowing the exact date will help your stylist better guide you to your dream wedding dress that you can realistically have ready by the wedding day.

Knowing your wedding date is crucial because the season can sway the style of dress you would prefer. In the winter months, you may be more attracted to wedding dresses with sleeves or jackets. In the summer, strapless might be a more attractive choice.

Fit and flare white wedding dress with a beautiful lace trainDress –  available in-store only


You may be wondering what securing your venue has to do with your dress. They’re actually more intertwined than you think. The venue and the gown work together to create the atmosphere, feel and vibe of your wedding. Not only should you secure your wedding venue, but you should also keep the venue in mind throughout the wedding dress shopping experience.

By not booking the venue before you buy a wedding dress, you risk their availability date not matching up with the dress’s production timeline. Worst case scenario, you’ll have to compromise on the dress you’ve already chosen or the venue you have your heart set on.

Choosing a date and booking your dream venue for that day gives your stylist a clear blueprint of what your wedding day is going to look like. That’s why, here at Luxx Nova – Vancouver bridal store, we recommend having a venue set in place before wedding dress shopping. We can always work around any date, but the venue may be less flexible.


Wedding dress shopping is one of the most anticipating parts of wedding planning. It’s like a day of dress-up! But you can have too much of a good thing. You may be tempted to go to every bridal store in Vancouver and beyond, but we discourage that plan. We suggest sticking to three bridal stores maximum.

This suggestion isn’t to spoil any bride’s fun! But keeping track of the boutiques you visit, and the dresses you try on when you’re there can become confusing and overwhelming. We want to keep your vision for your special day in the forefront of your mind to find the perfect dress.

Wedding Dress Shopping

Dress –  available in-store only


Wedding dress shopping is an event unto itself, and it’s only natural that others will want to be a part of it. And while on Say Yes to the Dress, it looks like the whole family is going shopping, you’ll have a more enjoyable time with a more intimate experience.

At Luxx Nova, we recommend having two or three people with you at your bridal fitting appointment. Ideally, your party would consist of the people who know you best, are not afraid to be honest with you, and are your favourite people. It can be your sibling, parent, future in-law, or your best friend, as long as they’re the ones who will make you feel your best.

By keeping your wedding dress shopping group small, you won’t get overwhelmed by too many ideas and opinions. And with fewer people at your shopping appointment, there will be more guests to be awed at the reveal as you walk down the aisle!


Input from friends and family can be constructive throughout your appointment. But as much as opinions can be welcome, it’s important not to cave to others’ whims. You’re never going to find a wedding dress that is universally loved. Your style is going to be different than someone else’s. That’s life!

At Luxx Nova, we’ll have no problem reminding you that it’s your wedding, and your dress should make you feel joy. You should feel happy when you catch yourself in the mirror. You should be comfortable wearing it and feel confident and beautiful. Anyone else’s opinions should be far down the list of concerns.

Unique blush wedding dress with floral print Elba by Rara Avis

Dress – Elba by Rara Avis


Not to overcomplicate it, but there is a sweet spot for wedding dress shopping. Just like waiting until the last minute can limit your options, starting the shopping too early brings its own pitfalls. While you might want to tackle wedding dress shopping first, a lot can change in a short amount of time. At the beginning of the wedding planning, ideas are still malleable. You’ll still be figuring out how to make that vision in your head a reality.

Once the planning starts, you may find that what you thought you wanted has shifted, and your tastes and priorities may change. Before starting wedding dress shopping, it’s best to get the other details sorted out first. That’s why at Luxx Nova, we advise that you don’t begin wedding dress shopping if you’re more than a year away from your wedding date.


There’s nothing wrong with having a solid vision for your dress. But until you try gowns on, you never know how you’ll look or feel. Looking at photos on Pinterest is different than seeing a gown on your body. It’s not all that uncommon for a bride to come into Luxx Nova with a style in mind and will happily go home with something they didn’t expect!

Knowing what you want to focus on is helpful for your appointment, but try to remain open to the unexpected. The Luxx Nova stylist is there as a resource to help you branch out while keeping your tastes in mind during your appointment. They have an expert eye to help you envision different silhouettes or fabrics you may not have anticipated.

Bride trying a wedding dress in front of the big mirror in Luxx Nova Bridal - Vancouver bridal boutique

Dress –  available in-store only


Your style is unique to you, and your wedding dress should reflect that! You don’t need to strive for a complete transformation on your wedding day, but your dress should emphasize your individual style.

Don’t focus on being trendy and instead, consider what the vibe of the wedding will be and what makes you confident. Follow your genuine tastes. When you find a dress to truly suit them, you’ll look like a glammed-up version of yourself. Not to mention, your future spouse loves you just as you are and wants to see you at your most authentic and relaxed on your wedding day!


Keeping your budget in mind is important throughout the wedding dress shopping process. Gowns come in a range of prices, so having a solid price that you don’t want to exceed will help your stylist find your ideal dress. If you come into your appointment without a budget, you could end up trying on dresses you can’t afford. It can lead to disappointment if a dress you love is out of reach.

If you communicate your budget with your Luxx Nova stylist, they won’t show you any dresses outside your range, saving you some heartbreak. Having a budget also helps narrow down the selection, so you’re not overwhelmed with choices. There will always be a dress within your budget.

It’s also helpful to consider the extra costs associated with your dress. Alterations, accessories, such as a veil or shawl, can add additional costs to the purchase. And things like tax and delivery may be unavoidable. So, keep those things in mind when coming up with a dress budget.

The 10 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Dress –  available in-store only


Luxx Nova is at the heart of the Vancouver bridal boutique scene. But in a city the size of Vancouver, brides can quickly get overwhelmed with the bridal shop options. Vancouver is home to many bridal shops to do your wedding dress shopping, but they’re not created equal. Researching the bridal shops you want to visit is just as important as studying your ideal dress. You’ll want to consider what sizes a store carries, what their price range tends to be, what kind of styles they have, and so on. To get over that problem, we have some insider advice on choosing the best bridal shops Vancouver.

At Luxx Nova, we proudly carry an array of carefully curated gowns from European designers in our boutique. You can view the stunning inventory on our website and Instagram. Since we are an authorized retailer, we can guarantee authentic gowns from these designers. But not every bridal store carries the same dresses.

If you take our tips into consideration and avoid these wedding dress shopping mistakes, you will find your perfect wedding dress!

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