Wedding Dress Darlin By Rara Avis

Wedding Dress Darlin By Rara Avis

The wedding dress of your dreams is going to tick all the boxes. It’s going to fit with all the little details that make up your wedding day. From the venue to the place settings to the music, the most fun is the dress. Even if you don’t have a clear vision in mind, Luxx Nova has dresses that can adapt to all the different artistic directions for brides to consider.

Wedding dress Darlin by Rara Avis is one such gown that brings so much versatility that it can feel like one-of-a-kind. This one of a kind wedding gown is available at Luxx Nova online store or in the boutique in Vancouver.

The Design of the Darlin wedding gown

Wedding dress Darlin by Rara Avis has a mermaid silhouette with a flattering fitted bodice leading down to a flare at the knees. It has a bold, luxurious style with vivid bead detailing on the bodice, which varies, based on which colour of the dress you choose.

The Colour

The dress maintains its style and shape throughout its design, but there are versions of the colour. In its original gold, the Darlin dress uses gold beadwork on the lace bodice to break from pure-white wedding tradition. The pattern the beadwork takes in the gold version is utterly distinct from the décor pattern of the white Darlin dress. Both introduce high levels of luxury into the look, but the gold version offers a more vintage spin.

Wedding gown Darlin by Rara Avis in two colors - gold and white

The Sleeves

Wedding dress Darlin by Rara Avis has a detachable off-the-shoulder sleeve detail that adds an extra element to the dress. It adds versatility to the look and makes your photos more varied. It can act as another accessory to dramatize and glamourize your photos. Whether you choose to wear them for the ceremony, remove them for a different look during the reception, keep them on or off altogether, having them available lets you add some innovation to your style.

Luxury mermaid wedding dress with straps and detachable sleeves

The Train

Characterized by its elongated train, the Darlin dress uses it as an extra embellishing detail. However, you’re not limited to keeping an extended train. The length of the train can be modified to whatever length fits your vision.

Mermaid wedding gown by European designer Rara Avis with the long train

The Skirt

The skirt portion of the Darlin dress comes lined in its original design, but if you want to turn your look up a notch, you can opt for a sheer version. Removing the lining of the skirt shows a little bit more skin, making it an ideal choice if you want to add some spice.

Wedding Dress Darlin By Rara Avis

The Venue For Darlin Dress

While the Darlin wedding dress is opulent, it can be adapted to any venue. Based on your choice of gold or white, long, medium, or short train, and the sleeve detailing, the Darlin dress will look stunning in any setting.

City Wedding

If you’re getting married in the city, the Darlin dress will look magnificent with the concrete jungle as the backdrop. Perhaps you’re wearing the white version, without the sleeves, to emulate the sleek lines that surround you.

Wedding Dress Darlin By Rara Avis

Ballroom Wedding

The Darlin dress can shine in a ballroom setting. Ballrooms are lavishly decorated, and your opulent Darlin gown would be perfect here. You can sparkle in gold or white, and the décor of the dress will complement the regal setting.

Mermaid wedding dress Darlin with beaded corset style bodice

Forest Wedding

Channel your inner fairy for your magical forest wedding. Just because you’re out in nature does not mean that the Darlin dress won’t fit in here. If you’re having a whimsical wedding in the forest, perhaps the off-the-shoulder sleeves’ gentle flow would be at home here. The beaded décor of the gown will stand out in contrast to the beautiful natural wonder around.

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Beach Wedding

The Darlin dress is also ideally suited to the beach. The beading on the bodice will bring images of the natural rocks and shells all around. Being on the beach would be the perfect opportunity to go with the unlined skirt option to keep the Darlin dress flowing in the breeze.

Wedding Dress Darlin By Rara Avis

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