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Book a one-on-one virtual appointment with our expert stylists! Our Luxx Nova stylists are ready to offer you a unique, personalised consultation no matter where in the world you are via live video chat. Our stylists can’t wait to help you find ‘The One’!

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All you have to do is select your timezone and choose a time that works for you. It's that easy! Your appointment will be held via Zoom. When the time comes just use the link provided. One of our experienced stylists will be eagerly waiting to help you find the perfect gown or answer all your questions!

Don't have a wishlist ready yet? Get your favourites all in one place. First, create an account with us and don't forget to love-heart your top picks to ensure easy access to your Favorites. You might even want to share your wishlist with your friends or loved ones so they can follow along at home.

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Don't worry about taking notes or saving links during your appointment your stylist will follow up with more details about all the looks you loved so all you have to do is concentrate on finding the dress of your dreams!

Shop with your very own stylist just like you would in real life! Work together to find your unique bridal look with personalised advice on styling! Your stylist will answer your questions and guide you through shopping our website while sharing insights as well as real wedding photos and behind the scene footage from our photoshoots when available.

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