Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2022

6 Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2022

Whether you’ve just accepted a proposal or are re-planning your wedding for 2022, now is the perfect time to start shopping for your wedding dress. There are some stylish top modern wedding dress trends os 2022 to consider for your gown. At Luxx Nova, we carry wedding dresses from European designers that embrace the latest trends.

1. Short Wedding Dresses

A fun and flirty option that’s going to be popular in 2022 is the short wedding dress. It’s the perfect option if you want to channel the look of a party dress to transition easily from ceremony to reception.

Top Wedding Dress Trends of 2022

Reykjavik by Rara-Avis | Alisia by Blammo-Biamo

The Chezara Dress by Blammo-Biamo

If you’re looking for a casual but show-stopping look for a civil ceremony, the Chezara Dress has jewelled button detailing down the front of the dress and an optional jacket if you want to cover your arms.

Popular short wedding gowns in 2022

Chezara by Blammo-Biamo

The Mimi Dress by Rara Avis

Short wedding dresses can also be as dramatic as a traditional long gown. If you want a chic and edgy option, the Mimi Dress has a sheer overlay over a satin dress, cinched in with a belt. The drama comes from the ruffles and high neck. You can accessorize with this dress to create a customized look to fit your vision.

Short wedding dress by Rara AVis

Mimi by Rara Avis

2. Wedding Gowns With Floral Motifs

Floral details are one of the most iconic elements of a wedding gown. But floral trends are also constantly changing. For 2022, garden-inspired colour is shining, whether it’s through embroidery or appliqués. At Luxx Nova, we carry the Floral Paradise collection by Rara Avis with a full range of floral-inspired designs.

Wedding dress with floral motives popular in 2022

Bertel by Rara Avis | Elba by Rara Avis

The Lily Dress by Rara Avis

If you’re looking for a realistic flower design, the Lily Dress is a blush wedding dress with 3D décor on the bodice in the form of Japanese clay flowers. The colours carry down the silk skirt as it melts into the floor. This dress is perfect for a romantic play on florals while not feeling dated. It’s ideal for your fairy tale wedding.

Popular Floral wedding dresses in 2022

Lily by Rara Avis

The Los Dress by Rara Avis

You can find a vintage interpretation of modern floral design in the Los Dress. It is an A-line gown in a beautiful blush shade with minimalistic Japanese clay flowers to decorate the bodice. The sheer neckline gives the illusion that the flowers and plants are an extension of you.

Popular Floral Motifs wedding dresses in 2022

Los by Rara Avis

3. Two-in-One Wedding Dresses

The next top wedding dress trend of 2022 is two-in-one wedding dresses. A two-in-one gown is hard to resist. They’re perfect if you want to have a different look for the ceremony and reception while keeping consistent with your theme. You can also have the opportunity to get photos of both options, so you have some variety to look back on.

Two-in-one wedding dresses

Rihanna by Ange Etoiles

No two-in-one dress is alike – some may have a jacket or cape, others may have a detachable skirt or removable sleeves. Whether you want to cover up or shed some layers, for 2022, there are many different two-in-ones to pick from.

Wedding gowns with capes

Adding the cape to the Crystal Dress adds extra detail to an already ornate wedding gown. In both the ivory and nude versions, the dress has beaded décor throughout and a plunging neckline. If, later in the evening, you’re looking for a light cover-up with some extra detail adding the cape is the perfect accessory. The sheer fabric has more beading around the décolletage, which adds embellishments to counteract the V-neck.

Wedding dress with a cape

Bridal gowns with detachable skirts and trains

A removable skirt or train can completely transform the look of your dress. The Alma Dress has a detachable train that alters the gown’s silhouette, taking it from an A-line to a mermaid style. This is your perfect option if you’re looking to have a separate ceremony and reception style.

Collection by Ange Etoiles

Alma dress by Ange Etoiles

Bridal dresses with upper dresses

The Cassiopea Dress has a unique detachable upper portion of the dress. Without the top part of the dress, its focus is on the beautiful floral overlay and detailed bodice. When worn all together, it offers a whimsical touch. The sheer top changes the sweetheart neckline to an illusion and holds the romantic ruffle feature in place. The gown also comes with detachable sleeves to add another element to the dress.

Two-in-one wedding dress by Ange Etoiles

4. Bridal gowns with High Slits

Wedding gowns with a slit is another top wedding dress trends of 2022. The high slit isn’t just for the red carpet. In 2022, this trend is perfect for the bride who wants to show some skin or wants a little bit of movement in a tight dress. But the high slit goes beyond the skin-tight styles. Slits belong on any silhouette.

Most popular wedding gowns with slit in 2022

Summer by Ange Etoiles | Melissa by Ange Etoiles

The Grace Dress

The Grace Dress is a formal voluminous gown with a low back and beaded belt. With minimal detailing, the slit is the main focus of the dress. The high slit adds to the glamourous look and can be hidden while standing and revealed as you move, dance, and sit.

A-line wedding gown with a high slit by famous European designers

Grace by Ange Etoiles

The Heidi Dress

If you’re looking for a slim fit, the Heidi Dress is an elegant choice. The long sleeves and high neck cover more skin, so showing a little leg draws the eyes to the button details along the side of the gown.

Bridal gown with a high slit

Heidi by Ange Etoiles

5. Bridal dresses with Bishop Sleeves

Long-sleeve dresses are absolutely regal, and for 2022, the bishop sleeve is the popular choice. Counter to the tight-fitting sleeve, the bishop style has a volume over the arm and come to cinch at the wrist. These sleeves are a great option if you want some extra coverage on your arms or want a unique, eye-catching detail.

Bridal dress with bishop sleeves

Ida by Ange Eotiles | Kiara Ange Eotiles

The Sveja Dress

The bishop sleeves on the Sveja Dress will give you a playful, romantic look. If you’re getting married outside or are having a relaxed wedding, this dress is ideal. It offers the glamour of a low back and long train, while the sheer sleeves are decorated with floral detail that makes the dress feel delicate.

Most popular wedding dresses with bishop sleeves in 2022

Sveja by Rara Avis

The Ranell Dress

A more regal-inspired option is the Ranell Dress. You’ll feel like a star in Bridgerton in this corseted A-line wedding dress. It has chiffon and embroidered detailing and is laced up at the back. These beautiful voluminous sleeves bring you back to the Regency period, where you can feel like true royalty.

Most popular wedding dresses with bishop sleeves in 2022

6. Dresses with Corset Bodices

Among other top wedding dress trends of 2022 are dresses with corset bodices. Corset bodices are an enduring trend in wedding dresses for good reasons. They are a universally flattering bodice that cinches in your waist and gives you a beautiful silhouette. They’re a staple in the 2022 wedding dress trends. Corset dresses come in any style, whether you have your heart set on an A-line gown, a mermaid style, or a short dress.

Most popular wedding dresses with corset in 2022

Aglaya by Ange Etoiles | Yang by Ange Etoiles

The Shine Dress

The corset is front and centre in the Shine Dress. It has a minimal corset bodice with straps and an A-line skirt. The delicate sparkles throughout the dress will make you glow on your wedding day.

Wedding dress witha corset style bodice by Ange Etoiles

Shine by Rara Avis

The Nora Dress

The classic and eye-catching Nora Dress is a pleated wedding dress with a corset bodice. The bra cups are emphasized with lavish décor. The waistline is also decorated to draw attention to the silhouette. The details in this corset dress are to draw the eye of your guests.

Blush wedding dress Nora by Blammo-Biamo

Nora by Blammo-Biamo

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