Say Yes To The Dress At Your First Appointment

It is undeniable that shows such as Say Yes to the Dress have revolutionized the process of wedding dress shopping, leading to brides now scheduling multiple appointments at various bridal shops in Vancouver or New Westminster and spending days exploring different options. However, we want to say with utmost confidence that there is absolutely nothing wrong in saying yes to your dream dress during your very first bridal appointment.


First-appointment guilt is real. But it’s actually unnecessary! If you find a dress that you absolutely love, can envision yourself wearing on your wedding day, and fits your budget, there’s no need to doubt your decision. It’s possible that watching reality TV shows about dress shopping may have given you the impression that the bridal shopping process is lengthy and emotionally draining, leading you to believe that something must be amiss if it feels too easy. However, it’s not true! The truth is, the dress shopping process is meant to be easy, fun and stress-free.

We’re here to tell you to let go of the stressful idea that you need to try on (what feels like) hundreds of dresses before saying YES to the one.  From our own experience, we find that 3 out of 4 brides say yes to the dress of their dreams during their very first visit to the store. And many to the first dress they try! Luxx Nova stylists are trained to be able to hone in on the things you love about certain dresses and lead you to the perfect one. Think of us as your fairy godmothers: here to do all the hard work for you!


While wedding dress shopping, many brides can experience inner thoughts that hold up their decision to get the gown. Here, we’ll debunk some of these bridal myths, so you can remind yourself when your brain is holding you back from saying “yes” to your wedding dress at the first appointment.

I need to sleep on it

I’m an indecisive person and need to sleep on it. We hear that a lot. But believe us, if you’ve narrowed down all the dresses in a store to just this one, you may not be as indecisive as you think you are! You’ve been making decisions all day long, and they weren’t for nothing. In fact, the wedding planning process is just decision after decision, so if you are this close to making such a huge one, allow yourself to celebrate it!

I need to review the photos of my favourite dresses

Many times, brides take photos of the favourite dresses they’ve tried on to help them choose THE ONE afterwards. We understand that these memories are precious! However, we ask that brides don’t judge their dresses later on by photos only! Phone photos never do the dresses justice (although we promise we aren’t questioning your mom’s photography skills…)

When you’re looking at the photos of your favourite dresses later, you might think that your pose wasn’t the most flattering, the lighting wasn’t great, and the clips in the back take away some of the dress’ charm. As you look at the photos, remember how the dress made you feel, if it took your breath away, and, most importantly, if it felt like you.

I need to go to other appointments… just to make sure

Trust us, we want you to be totally confident and excited about your decision when saying YES to your wedding dress. So, the Luxx Nova team will never push you to make a decision if you aren’t completely on board with your decision. However, if you find the perfect dress, and are only planning for other appointments out of fear of missing out, don’t overthink it! If the first dress is your dress… trust your gut. It’s rarely ever wrong.


Your intuition is a powerful thing, and it can definitely come in handy when you’re shopping for your wedding dress. Think about it like this: when you got engaged, there was no doubt in your mind that you were making the right decision — and you could feel that in your gut! So, use that same level of trust in yourself when it comes to choosing your dream dress.

Saying YES to the wedding dress on your first appointment is no doubt intimidating. Luckily, at Luxx-Nova, you don’t have to make these choices alone. Our experienced team of bridal experts is here to help with your decision, so you can have the day you’ve always dreamed of.

If you are ready to explore our unique collection of wedding dresses from Europe, let Luxx Nova team help you!

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