Ocean Dream by Blammo-Biamo

The ocean — both raging and rough, yet calm and soothing — is the magnificent inspiration behind the wedding dress collection Ocean Dream by Blammo-Biamo.

The Ocean Dream collection features a range of A-line dresses elegantly adorned with geometric shapes and flowy drapery to capture the ocean’s majestic and mystical rhythm. With light and billowy fabrics, fluttering down like waves, each dress accentuates your natural curves and flatters any figure.

The luxurious materials used in the collection are gentle and diverse to help create a harmonious movement similar to the tides of the sea. Various types of chiffon (thickly woven or thin and translucent) along with silk and sheer netting bring an assortment of textures to the dresses. The structure of each dress ranges from corrugated to smooth with the occasional granular or ‘sandy’ detailing as to portray the intimate relationship between water and sand. Each dress commands a sense of strength and delicacy.

Along with woven and translucent fabrics, the dresses of the collection Ocean Dream by Blammo-Biamo are embellished with more intricate details to embody the ocean’s beauty. The MAEVA dress features petal-like cut-outs to add a floral detail to the straps. The MANUL dress is decorated with lacey, botanical detailing to give the illusion of flowers dancing on ocean waves. The ASEL dress’ delicate embroidery and dangling woven tassels imitate the intricacies of coral, while the JESSA dress’ sleek silhouette and structured ruffles create an aura of light-weight simplicity. Although these are only just a few of the dresses from the collection, every dress embodies the light and breezy atmosphere of the sea and allows our brides to feel beachy and summery on their special day.

Each dress in the collection Ocean Dream by Blammo-Biamo comes in a milky white color, although certain translucent details often give the appearance of sheer or nude color as if molding to the skin. Sometimes it even gives the illusion of dark-blue detailing, reminiscent of the mysterious depths of the ocean.

Dressed in the collection Ocean Dream by Blammo-Biamo, we want you to feel the sand beneath your feet, smell the salty sea air and hear the waves against the shore on your big day. Shop the collection Ocean Dream by Blammo-Biamo online or visit our boutique in Downtown, Vancouver.

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