Natalia Romanova Wedding Dresses

Natalia Romanova Wedding Dresses

For brides who want to embrace the balance of timeless styles with contemporary twists, Natalia Romanova wedding dresses are the perfect blend of both.

Wedding Gowns by Natalia Romanova

Founded in Europe in 2002, the atelier emphasizes classic silhouettes with unique décor and details. Unlike other gowns that can be ultra-trendy, Natalia Romanova wedding gowns use extra elements sparingly. Less is more – the less detailing there is, the more it pops! These gowns are the seamless bridge between enduring cuts and modern features.

Three collections of wedding dresses by Natalia Romanova are available in our online shop – Wings, Blush and Blush Breeze. A new collection is coming soon!

Natalia Romanova Wedding Dresses

Natalia Romanova Wedding Dress Hits

Natalia Romanova wedding dresses are varied, and no matter what brides want to emphasize, there is an option in the collection. It isn’t easy to choose a favourite, but some of the most-loved gowns are listed below.

Greta Dress by Natalia Romanova

The Greta Dress is one of the most coveted dresses from this designer. The modern off-the-shoulder neckline leads to a classic fit and flare silhouette. This gown transforms with a removable skirt – with the skirt attached, it creates a soft A-line shape.

Natalia Romanova Wedding Dresses

A bride who loves options can choose different styles for the ceremony and the reception. Keep the skirt attached for the ceremony, and when it comes time to dance and mingle, remove the skirt for some room to move. Of course, it’s also a benefit to have a few different looks for photographs throughout the day.

Greta dress by Natalia Romanova

Lovely Dress by Natalia Romanova

The Lovely Dress is a romantic silhouette, and the detail comes from its shape. The stunning organza gown has a modern sweetheart neckline and a dramatic slit that makes movement fluid and soft. Your first dance will look all the more magical in this wedding dress.

The gown’s simplicity makes it shine – it doesn’t need any flashy elements to look playful and chic. It’s the perfect canvas to use accessories to personalize the look or keep it modest.

Lovely dress by Natalia Romanova

Solange Dress by Natalia Romanova

For old Hollywood glamour, the Solange Dress is an asymmetrical gown that is timeless in its elegance. With a bodice decorated with pearls and a simple skirt, this gown is sophisticated and polished.

The silhouette is classic with the glitz and opulence on the single shoulder that makes the gown seem regal. The design has a bold wing-like feature for an extra flair – perfect for a stylish bride.

Natalia Romanova Wedding Dress Solange

Mildred Dress by Natalia Romanova

The Mildred Dress is a dream come true for the contemporary bride. The Mikado silk gown has an eye-catching modern neckline and a glamourous slit that’s a little daring. It’s available in both pure white and ivory to match any colour palette.

Added removable sleeves offer the option for multiple looks, but they can also be functional and add a little extra coverage.

Mildred wedding gown by Natalia Romanova

Chelsey Dress by Natalia Romanova

The Chelsey Dress is incomparable – the one-of-a-kind pleated bodice is reminiscent of a seashell with a straight neckline that draws the eye. Crafted with flowing organza, this wedding gown suits several different environments. For an indoor-outdoor wedding, the Chelsey gown makes a seamless transition.

Detachable puff sleeves are an added feature that adds some arm coverage at church or acts as a sun barrier outside.

Chelsey dress by Natalia Romanova


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