Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Growing up, we watched all the princesses wear their beautiful voluminous dresses to meet their prince. As beautiful as the fairy tales make it seem, as you move through life, your tastes move with you. If you picture your dream wedding dress today and imagine yourself in a fitted dress that hugs your silhouette but still has a little something extra – like the princesses – you’re going to want a mermaid wedding dress. Mermaid dresses are a style that is close-fitting on the torso and hips, leading to a flare hitting at the knee or above. This creates a line along the natural curve of your body and draws attention to the long bodice. The flare makes the train look like a tail – hence its name: the mermaid dress!

Different Styles Of  Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Mermaid wedding dresses are continuously growing in popularity among brides because of their flattering shape. Whether you are a curvy bride, a slender bride, an athletic bride, or any other shape or size, mermaid gowns give you a chance to dramatically accentuate your body. It’s perfect for the bride who wants to feel sexy and confident walking down the aisle while also making a beautiful entrance with a train that’s sure to make a statement.

Brides are gravitating towards mermaid dresses more and more, and dresses are being designed and created to suit every bride’s personal style. Luxx Nova offers dresses that appeal to the fashion of every bride. Mermaid wedding dresses are universal and are made to fit you.

Classic Mermaid Wedding Dresses

If you envision an understated mermaid style, the Ariana dress creates elegance with its simplicity. This style works with the satin draping of the dress – not bling – to draw attention while being minimal and classic. This is the perfect dress style for you if you love simple luxury because this timeless dress will feel utterly polished.

White satin mermaid dress Ariana by Ange Etoiles

Boho-Inspired Mermaid Wedding Dresses

If you have a more boho sense of fashion, the Koli dress uses the silhouette of the mermaid style and integrates expressive elements. Using patterns in the lace reminiscent of customary boho fashion, this dress still turns on the glamour. It’s carefree and is perfect for a laidback wedding. It has a detailed train that radiates romance with a modernized floral detail that leaves no question that you’re making a style statement.

Boho style lace mermaid wedding dress by Rara Avis

Chic and Glamourous Mermaid Wedding Dresses

The Darlin dress has everything you could dream of when it comes to chic and lavish mermaid wedding dresses. With intricate beading and off-the-shoulder sleeves that make a statement, this dress exudes glamour. Another option is the Bonita dress, which uses lace to embellish the corset which flows down to the floor. You can choose to include the accompanying cape with complimentary floral lace elements to add an extra touch.

mermaid wedding dresses

Bonita by Ange Etoiles | Darlin by Ange Etoiles

Vintage-Inspired Mermaid Wedding Dresses

If you’re seeking a mermaid dress with a vintage feel, the Goar dress adds stunning lace sleeves and a low back. This dress draws on classic looks of the past and brings it into the present with a contemporary fit.

Vintage mermaid wedding gown Goar by Blamm-Biamo

The Details of Mermaid Wedding Gowns

If you don’t really identify with any specific aesthetic and the construction elements of the dress are what counts, you can shop by neckline, trains, the fullness of the skirt, and so many other features. You can find the dress that will make you feel your best while looking unique while walking down the aisle and at the celebration to follow.

Mermaid Gown Sleeve Options

Channel the royal lace sleeves of Kate Middleton and the Sara dress or a dramatic, voluminous sleeve in the Franciska dress. The purpose of sleeves isn’t just to cover more skin. It’s the perfect detail to add to the sleek mermaid silhouette.

mermaid wedding gowns

Sara by Ange Etoiles | Francisca by Ange Etoiles

Mermaid Gown Necklines

You can also draw the focus up to the neckline. The quintessential sweetheart neckline is popular but never tiresome. Sweetheart necklines are like their name suggests – they’re delicate, feminine, and universally flattering, no matter your body type. This neckline variation looks fantastic with strapless dresses, cap sleeves, and halters, like the Bett dress. Halter dresses put the arms and shoulders on display. It also helps accentuate an hourglass figure. Plunging necklines and V-necks create drama and draw the eye to the décolletage.

European style mermaid wedding dresses

Bett by Ange Etoiles | Mia by Ange Etoiles

Mermaid Gowns with Corsets

Corsets can be your best friend and worst enemy, all rolled into one. Mermaid dresses with corsets give you the option to have the compression and maybe make some curves that weren’t there before. It can feel absolutely regal to include a corset in your dress. Opting into a corset-less alternative will offer more streamlined back detailing.

Corset style bodice of mermaid dresses

Kaprina by Ange Etoiles | Zhizel by Ange Etoiles

Mermaid Wedding Gown Trains

The train of the dress makes the statement entrance of your dreams. No guest will be able to take their eyes away. A long train on a mermaid dress complements the hourglass shape and extends the long line of the body to expand behind you as you walk down the aisle.

Mermaid wedding gowns with a long train

Ariana by Ange Etoiles | Monika by Ange Etoiles

Mermaid Wedding Dresses’ Skirt Looks

Mermaid dresses are always fitted on top, but there are no rules when it comes to the skirt! You can carry the sleek fit all the way to the floor and create one long line. Or you can break it up and add volume and texture with a complimentary fabric. The Chessa dress takes advantage of this style. The bodice is embellished with sequins and falls into a tulle skirt to create a striking break in the dress.

Mermaid wedding dresses have come a long way from the simple options of the past. They’re evolving to encompass anyone’s preferences. Whether you want a classic look, a boho style, an elegant polish, or a spicy flair, there is a mermaid wedding dress for you.

Wedding dress Chessa by Rara Avis