European Wedding Dresses Vancouver

European Bridal Gowns Vancouver

Your special day deserves the most special dress. And while there may be pressure to adhere to American trends, European bridal gowns are some of the most exquisite, unique, and fashion-forward gowns on the market. After all, Europe is at the forefront of all things fashion — including the bridal market.

If you’re a bride looking for European bridal gowns in Vancouver, look no further. Luxx Nova Boutique — as well as the Luxx Nova online store — has Vancouver’s premiere selection of European wedding dresses. so you can have the fabulous (and stylish) wedding of your dreams. However, if you want more information as to why European gowns are the perfect fit for your big day, we’re laying out everything you need to know about these unique and fashionable gowns.

Two women in elegant wedding dresses

Benya by Blammo-Biamo | Andrea by Blammo-Biamo


First things first, European dresses have always been perceived as more couture — and for good reason. More often than not, European styles are at the forefront of the bridal market’s hottest style trends. They set the precedent for other designers to follow. Because of this, those dresses appear to be more stylish, unique, and cutting-edge as opposed to other gowns.

Two women in elegant wedding dresses

Gracia by Blammo-Biamo | Domna by Blammo-Biamo


As a bride, it’s important that your gown is crafted with care. A high-quality gown will not only look fabulous when you walk down the aisle but will also last you for years to come. Who doesn’t want their wedding dress to look beautiful forever?

It’s known that European designers emphasize quality over quantity when it comes to crafting their gowns. Moreover, European wedding downs are (more often than not) handmade with care and a dedication to details. European countries like Spain, Italy, and France are home to some of the best fabrics in the world. So, not only will the dress look good, but European wedding dresses feel good. And who could ask for more than that?

Unique Wedding Dresses Vancouver from European designers

Emerson by Natalia Romanova | Amybeth by Natalia Romanova


Finally, European dresses provide more unique options for your big day. Why? European bridal designers have a reputation for creating some of the most fabulous gowns on the market. That’s not to say that all European gowns are extravagant and “out-there” — actually, quite the opposite. What European designers do is take classic silhouettes and designs and update them with a fashion-forward twist.

For example, the wedding dress designer Natalia Romanova uses unique cuts and silhouettes to craft beautiful, show-stopping gowns. The Sunset, Amybeth, and Marchi dresses feature an asymmetric neckline that’s both timeless and unique.

Two women in elegant wedding dresses

Sunset by Natalia Romanova | Marchi by Natalia Romanova

Similarly, designers from the famously fashionable Rara Avis Group are known to take risks when it comes to wedding dress designs. The Pannacotta, Lily, Lamora, and Caprese dresses are all made with unique and luxurious fabrics. Alongside these gowns, the Lofgrein and Sufle dresses feature gorgeous hand-made decor and embellishments that add a bit of interest to a standard wedding gown.

And for brides that want to really push the envelope, the Nociata, Greta, and Bonita gowns add a splash of color to the traditional white wedding. It’s your day: wear whatever colour you want!

Two women in elegant wedding dresses

Nociata by Rara-Avis | Lily by Rara Avis

Finally, Luxx Nova also carries designs from Agnieszka Swiatly — who is known for their unique fabrics, corset detailing, and overall fashionable gowns. The possibilities are endless when it comes to European wedding gowns!


Luckily, you don’t need to board a plane to Europe to try on some fashionable dresses. You may not even have to leave the comfort of your own home! Luxx Nova has both a brick-and-mortar store in Vancouver, BC as well as an online boutique. At both of these options, brides are able to scope out gowns from Rara Avis, Natalia Romanova, Anna Sposa, Mia Lavi, Agnieszka Swiatly, and many (many) more.

Two women in elegant wedding dresses

Vetta dress by Blammo-Biamo | Velita dress by Blammo-Biamo

In our Vancouver bridal boutique, brides are met with excellent customer service and a vast selection of European styles In addition to our typical designers, we also carry gowns from up-and-coming bridal designers so the wedding gown can be as unique as the bride wearing it!

Visit our online store or book an appointment at Luxx Nova Boutique in Vancouver. We can’t wait to meet you!

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