Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova

Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova

For next season’s weddings, the 2023 Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova has a range of stunning gowns to fit any unique wedding theme.

New Collection by Natalia Romanova

This collection plays with classic silhouettes with exceptional features to create a suite of elaborate gowns for any bride’s vision. Whether you’re shopping for a dress to fit a theme or venue, like all Natalia Romanova gowns, this collection focuses on the details.

With styles featuring various sleeve designs, removable skirts, dramatic slits, and eye-catching necklines, Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova mixes current trends with classic wedding gown styles for every bride. These classic white gowns have details unmatched in other dresses. And many are customizable with removable and attachable elements to make your bridal look your own.

Simple wedding dresses by Natalia Romanova

Virgo by Natalia Romanova | Marchi by Natalia Romanova

Main Features of Sundreams Collection by Natalia Romanova

Wedding Dresses with Slits

Not only are slits a little flirtatious, but they add fluidity to wedding gowns to create stunning movement whether you’re walking down the aisle or during the first dance. Gowns like Virgo, Gia, and Kira use dramatic slit details for a touch of romance and glamour. Other slit gowns like Medeia and Roberta are equally as dramatic, with slits to remember.

Wedding dresses with a slit

Medeia by Natalia Romanova | Kira by Natalia Romanova

Unique Necklines

A wedding gown neckline can set the tone of an entire bridal look. There are several neckline choices in the Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova beyond the traditional sweetheart style.

Stella has a sophisticated straight-across neckline with off-the-shoulder sleeve details. It is an elegant choice if you want to show off your decolletage or feature stunning jewelry. Another straight across neckline choice is Fergie – the pleated fabric creates an instantly recognizable seashell design, perfect for a sea-inspired wedding or for brides who love mermaid inspiration.

collection sundreams by natalia romanova

Stella by Natalia Romanova | Fergie by Natalia Romanova

Known as Peekaboo by brides, Till features a simple bodice at first glance but reveals stunningly ornamented cups with intricate beading. It’s a perfect touch of modern luxury in an otherwise timeless gown design.

For a modern twist on the much-loved sweetheart neckline, Metis and Medeia feature the iconic shape with pointed edges. This edgy style is the new take on the sweetheart neckline that will be the perfect face-framing neckline for the wedding season.

Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova

Medeia by Natalia Romanova | Metis by Natalia Romanova

Asymmetrical Wedding Dress Design

Designs that highlight asymmetry are beautiful options to consider for a unique bridal look. Emerson has a pleated satin bodice with an asymmetrical sleeve detail for a unique off-the-shoulder look. This modern bodice is daring and dramatic, but with a timeless silhouette and luxurious fabric, it suits any wedding style.

Aisha features a half-off-the-shoulder style that looks glamorous and breezy for a whimsical touch. The light fabric with the distinctive shoulder elements makes this otherwise timeless silhouette fit in the current trends. This asymmetrical bodice makes for a beautiful style for an outdoor wedding or a playful theme.
Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova

Emerson by Natalia Romanova | Aisha by Natalia Romanova

Sunset is pure romance in design. With a ballgown style silhouette and an asymmetrical pleated bodice, it’s a graceful wedding dress for a magical event. The soft neckline with dropped shoulders makes this style feel like the perfect fairy tale wedding gown.

collection sundreams by natalia romanova

Amybeth by Natalia Romanova | Sunset by Natalia Romanova

Sparkly Wedding Dresses

If you want to shine on your wedding day, sparkly bridal gowns in the Collection Sundreams can help you stand out.

Deborah, Laura, and Biarritz have glittering details to catch the light and make you glow. Whether you’re saying your vows during the sunset or dancing under the stars, these wedding gowns have varying degrees of opulent sparkling details for your taste.

Sparkly wedding dresses

Laura by Natalia Romanova | Biarritz by Natalia Romanova

Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova

Deborah by Natalia Romanova | Gia Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova

Collection Sundreams by Natalia Romanova

Lia by Natalia Romanova | Till by Natalia Romanova

collection sundreams by natalia romanova

Teodora by Natalia Romanova | Bella by Natalia Romanova

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