Collection Oazis by Rara Avis

Using traditional A-line silhouettes the new collection Oazis by Rara Avis combines classic styles with subtle yet creative embellishments to create wedding dresses for unique and modern brides.

Since being established in 2011, the Rara Avis brand is now a prominent bridal designer. It is self-described as being for “brave and extraordinary personalities”. This is evident through their stunning European-inspired designs which are refreshingly unique and perfect for those brides looking to stand out and be remembered.


The white wedding dress has been popular since the mid-nineteenth century. It has historically been thought to symbolize purity and innocence. Though still a common choice, bridal trends are constantly changing and evolving. And now wedding dresses come in every colour of the rainbow!

Rara Avis likes to experiment with colours, creating stunning designs that prove a wedding dress doesn’t always need to be white. Although the Collection Oazis by Rara Avis caters to more traditional tastes by providing off-white, soft nude, champagne and blush-toned dresses, it also offers designs for the bolder bride. Choices include the gold Avis dress, the eye-catching Sia dress which contains pink peonies, and the floral Sova dress.

Collection Oazis by Rara Avis

Avis dress by Rara Avis | Sia dress by Rara Avis


From A-line and fit and flare through to mermaid and shorter dresses – Rara Avis usually incorporate a wide range of silhouettes in their collections. However, Collection Oazis by Rara Avis is deliberately more limited. The designers chose to use only the A-line silhouette to create a beautiful collection that is light, airy, feminine and extremely romantic.

The Romani and Bella designs, for example, use high necklines and full, detailed sleeves to create vintage-inspired dresses with a modern twist. Combined with their full, flowing skirts and intricate lace detailing – these designs are perfect for a romantic bride who wants to recreate the dreamy styles of the past that look great and perform in the modern-day.

Collection Oazis by Rara Avis

Romani dress by Rara Avis | Bella dress by Rara Avis

For brides who favour sleeveless designs with lower necklines, the Oazis collection also includes designs such as the Lakki, Mya and Sia. These showcase off-the-shoulder sleeves which complement the wearer’s collarbones or arms, making them ideal for brides who want to show a little skin, or who plan on wearing statement necklaces or earrings.


Sometimes less is more, and this is definitely the case for this particular collection. It is so easy for a bride to become swamped or get lost amongst overly detailed or stylized wedding designs. But the Oazis collection by Rara Avis gets it just right.

The dresses in this collection are not overwhelmed with décor or excessive embellishment as they don’t need it. Their appeal instead can be attributed to their classic designs that are carefully cut from quality fabrics, deliberately drawing attention to their texture, ruffles, shaped sleeves and pleated corsets. This makes them easy to dress up or down, allowing a bride to easily add their own unique touch and make the dress their own through the addition of jewelry, accessories and make-up.

As a result, only the Mya, Veri and Ria dresses have beaded décor. And it is used in a considered way that doesn’t detract from the overall design. The Mya, for example, benefits from sparkling beads along with the spaghetti straps and waist area. The Veri’s simple design is enhanced through delicate beading on the sleeves and collar.

Wedding dresses by rara Avis 2022 collection

Veri dress by Rara Avis | Mya dress by Rara Avis

However, for brides who are set on a sprinkle of sparkle or something extra on their big day, the collection also contains dresses with a little more detail. The Avi dress is famous for its glitter appeal, whilst the Mokki and Sia dresses contain décor with 3D flowers which instantly add ethereal and fairytale glamour to any bridal look.

Mokki dress by Rara Avis | Sia dress by Rara Avis


A key element of this collection is corsets decorated with dried flowers that can accentuate the bride’s waistline and add an intricate, structured look to the overall design. These corsets can be used with the dresses Lakki and Mio and are an easy yet effective way to enhance and work with the bride’s figure.

Wedding gowns decorated with dried flowers

Lakki dress by Rara Avis | Mio dress by Rara Avis

The collection’s emphasis on the structure is further demonstrable through the cinched-in waist present in all these dress designs. In addition to complementing the bride’s body, this also helps to emphasize the dresses’ A-line design, providing structure and complementary contrast to the soft flowing fabrics that they are constructed from.


Handmade to order and available in standard or custom size – our dresses help make a bride feel as good as they look on their big day.

Discover the unique wedding dresses of the Oazis collection by browsing the collection here.

Ria dress by Rara Avis | Mersi dress by Rara Avis
A-line golden wedding gown with sparkles Rara Avis Avis

Avis dress by Rara Avis

Ria dress by Rara Avis | Sami dress by Rara AvisA-line wedding gown Rara Avis Mokki

Mokki dress by Rara Avis