Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova

Introducing the 2024 Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova. Have you been dreaming of a gorgeous dress for your special wedding day? And have you been browsing the Internet looking for the perfect design? A stylish wedding gown is as unique as your own personality. It’s so elegant and glamorous, you’ll love every moment of wearing it!

We are excited to tell you today about our gorgeous 2024 Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova. This new collection of wedding dresses features many classic silhouettes with a modern twist. All are unique and trendy and there is so much variety to choose from! Read on as we tell you more about this special collection of wedding dresses by Natalia Romanova.

Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova

Eira by Natalia Romanova | Lauren by Natalia Romanova


The 2024 Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova features wedding gowns perfect for every season. Whether you are going to be a winter or summer bride, your dream dress is just a click away! We know you are going to love Natalia Romanova’s stunning designs. She is famous for creating timeless dresses with a modern twist. Plus, she adds some unique details too that give her dresses a unique look. And that is after all what any bride wants, right?

Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova

Monty by Natalia Romanova | Rita by Natalia Romanova

Natalia Romanova’s beautifully tailored gowns include classic A-line styles, fit and flare showstoppers, and mermaid dresses. Knowing that it is all about those finishing touches, Natalia always adds unique details. These are sure to make a dress and a bride take centre stage on a wedding day.

Now, let’s unwrap the gorgeous Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova. Find a lovely style today that can become part of your beautiful wedding fairy tale.

2024 Collection of European wedding dresses Moments by Natalia Romanova

Signey by Natalia Romanova | Selena by Natalia Romanova

Wedding dresses with Basque waistlines

Basque waist dresses are all about sexy silhouettes that flatter your figure. These designs have a low V-shape in the front, following a natural waistline. Where they bring in extra romance and magic, is that these types of dresses provide a striking slimming effect. Clearly, it is becoming a wedding dress trend! In our 2024 Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova, the designer for the first time introduces Basque waistline dresses.

Fall in love with the Ariel dress by Natalia Romanova with its delicate front-bow detail, corset-style bodice and flowing outline. Or go for criss-cross detail and on-trend detached sleeves with our Ingrid dress by Natalia Romanova.

If you would love a romantic dress with a Basque waistline, our Godiva dress by Natalia Romanova is absolutely breathtaking. Its dropped sleeves and dreamy, flowy fabric are fit for a queen!

Wedding dresses with Basque waistlines

Ariel by Natalia Romanova | Godiva by Natalia Romanova

Wedding dresses with square neckline

Square is never boring – it is a wedding-style classic! Square neckline wedding dresses bring together a touch of retro design with gorgeous fabric choices. These dresses are stylish with a bit of modesty that keeps things cool and classic. They also flatter your delicate collarbone area.

The lovely Dominica dress by Natalia Romanova has pretty lace detail for romantics at heart. If you want to show off your slender figure, why not consider our ultra-feminine Gledis dress by Natalia Romanova? For more traditional brides, Linda dress by Natalia Romanova with its elegant bow and softly draping material is on-point.

Wedding dresses with square neckline

Linda by Natalia Romanova | Gledis by Natalia Romanova

Asymmetrical wedding dresses

One of our loved wedding dress options, asymmetrical dresses are a top choice for our new wedding dress range. This trendy wedding dress style was part of Natalia’s previous collection, Sundreams. For Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova, there are several stunning dresses to look forward to.

Flatter your figure with the stunning materials and off-the-shoulder details of our Louise dress by Natalia Romanova. Choose our Liam dress by Natalia Romanova for a glam leggy display of fashion.

Asymmetrical wedding dresses

Liam by Natalia Romanova | Louise by Natalia Romanova

Lace wedding dresses

Lace is the ultimate romantic vibe for a wedding dress. So, if you are eyeing this style for your wedding, we have lovely options available! Our full lace dresses in our Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova puts a fresh spin on traditional wedding gown designs.

Choose our flower-inspired Frances dress by Natalia Romanova, or show your fashion-forward personality in our Demi dress by Natalia Romanova. For delicate strap detail to match the beautiful lace of your wedding dress, consider our Talissa dress by Natalia Romanova.

Lace wedding dresses

Demi by Natalia Romanova | Frances by Natalia Romanova

Wedding dresses with high neck

High-neck wedding dresses are super-sophisticated. For our 2024 Collection Moments by Natalia Romanova, Natalia has added lovely details that combine this style with gorgeous materials. The result is fantastic options fit for any bride. The Frances dress by Natalia Romanova is a showstopper with its bloom patterns and figure-hugging pattern. And Charlize dress by Natalia Romanova showcases stunning back detail. If you are looking for lots of volume, choose our Carmelia dress by Natalia Romanova with its fitted.

Wedding dresses with high neckCharlize by Natalia Romanova | Carmelia by Natalia Romanova

Fit & flare unique wedding gowns


Talissa by Natalia Romanova | Marilyn by Natalia Romanova

Wedding gowns Vancouver

Giselle by Natalia Romanova | Margo by Natalia Romanova

wedding dress trends 2024

Caitlyn by Natalia Romanova | Elaria by Natalia Romanova

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