Collection Harmony Of Love By Blammo-Biamo

Collection Harmony Of Love By Blammo-Biamo

Extravagant sleeves, sweeping trains, and silhouettes suitable for a fairytale: The Harmony of Love collection by Blammo-Biamo has it all. Designed by Blammo-Biamo, this 2023 Rara Avis group collection features show-stopping, unique, and romantic gowns that intersect timeless and novel. Classic silhouettes with a glittering twist, high-fashion bodices with timeless fabrics — the Harmony of Love collection will romance you with its whimsicality, and whisk you away with its familiarity. For the romantic and idyllic bride, this collection of dresses will make you fall in love over and over again.


The Harmony of Love collection by Blammo-Biamo features a variety of fabrics that are far from the ordinary. From sleek satin to glamorous glitter, the gowns in the Harmony of Love collection are crafted from high-quality fabrics designed to draw the eye.

The Giovania gown features unique polka-dotted tulle that adds a bit of interest to your standard tulle wedding dress. Similarly, the Ermina dress is adorned with lacy accents that bring a romantic feel to the tulle bodice. The Evalia gown also puts a twist on tulle with dramatic sleeves and crystal accents draped effortlessly on the silhouette.

Collection Harmony Of Love By Blammo-Biamo

Ermina by Blammo-Biamo | Giovania by Blammo-Biamo

But the Harmony of Love collection doesn’t stop at tulle. Blammo-Biamo also incorporates a show-stopping glitter fabric into this bridal collection. The Gracia, Andrea, and Domna dresses are created with a shimmering fabric that not only catches the light but catches the eye.

Finally, Blammo-Biamo also uses traditional fabrics like chiffon and satin to create a whimsical and romantic collection of gowns. Not only can the Domna and Gracia dresses come in glitter fabric, but these gowns can also be made with a sleek and chic satin. Similarly, the Edda dress is crafted with silky-soft satin that’s effortlessly timeless.

Chiffon fabric was used to create the Ciara, Racel, Perla gowns. Sheer and stylish, the chiffon gowns in the Harmony of Love collection have an angelic look to them that will have you in bridal heaven.


In recent years, the one-shoulder neckline has become popular in the fashion world. Now, you can take this trend with you as you walk down the aisle. Blammo-Biamo’s one-shoulder neckline wedding dresses effortlessly drape over your shoulder and cascade down the arm for a romantic, slimming effect. The flowing, Grecian-inspired silhouette Domna dress presents a single, dramatic long-sleeve, while the glittering Andrea gown features a more form-fitting bodice and a sleeveless silhouette. Either way, the unique one-shoulder neckline of these wedding dresses is equal parts timeless and unique.

One shoulder wedding dresses

Domna by Blammo-Biamo | Andrea by Blammo-Biamo


For brides in favor of a glamorous gown, look no further than the Harmony of Love sparkly wedding dresses. Crafted with a luxurious glitter fabric, the Domna and Gracia gowns are absolutely breathtaking. On your special day, you’re sure to shine as brightly outside, as you are inside.

Sparkly wedding dresses by Blammo-Biamo

Gracia by Blammo-Biamo | Domna by Blammo-Biamo


As we move into the colder months, long sleeve wedding gowns are a great way to stay stylish and stay warm. For a sexier, high-fashion vibe, the high-neck Edda gown has traditional long sleeves contrasted with a dramatic leg slit and an open back. For a more romantic look, the Racel gown features a flowing silhouette and split-sleeves. Split-sleeves add a bit of interest to this princess-inspired dress. Finally, the Evlalia gown is designed for royalty. With dramatic puff sleeves and crystal accents, this dress has a whisper of regality that’s hard to ignore.

Collection Harmony Of Love By Blammo-Biamo

Edda by Blammo-Biamo | Evlalia by Blammo-Biamo


The Harmony of Love collection is both timeless and unique. The Vittoria gown features classic elements like a corset bodice and an a-line silhouette mixed with more novel elements, like textured detailing and built-in pockets. Similarly, the Domna dress has dainty, elegant crystal detailing that adds a soft and sexy elegance to your wedding look. And, for the maximalist brides, the Benya dress presents a full, textured skirt, dramatic sleeves, and floral embroidery on the bodice. Fairytale gowns for a fairytale wedding.

Collection Harmony Of Love By Blammo-Biamo

Benya by Blammo-Biamo | Vittoria by Blammo-Biamo

Rara Avis Group wedding dresses

Ciara by Blammo-Biamo | Lirana by Blammo-Biamo

Collection Harmony Of Love By Blammo-Biamo (7)

Benya by Blammo-Biamo | Andrea by Blammo-Biamo

Collection Harmony Of Love By Blammo-Biamo

Gracia by Blammo-Biamo | Edda by Blammo-Biamo

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