Collection Galaxy by Rara Avis

Using traditional silhouettes like the classic A-line and popular mermaid styles, the new 2022 wedding dress collection Galaxy by Rara Avis designs creative dresses for every bride. They embellish timeless styles with sophisticated details and unique elements to help you embrace your distinctive style. This collection is embracing some popular wedding dress trends for 2022!

Aglaya by Rara Avis | Slava by Rara Avis

Colour of wedding gowns

Unlike other Rara Avis collections, the Galaxy collection includes mostly white dresses. In other collections, they tend to use subtle greys, pinks, and off-whites. However, the gowns in this collection use further details besides colour to make you stand out. So, the classic white acts as a perfect canvas to let those elements shine.

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If you have your heart set on a coloured wedding dress, the Autumn Dress from the Collection Galaxy by Rara Avis is a great option. It uses blush-pink elements on the train of the dress for a subtle pop of colour.

Autumn by Rara Avis

Short Wedding Dresses

Usually, Rara Avis collections only include one or two short dresses. There are four short dresses in the Galaxy collection included with various unique elements to fit your tastes.

With a classic mini dress silhouette, the Quito Dress from the Collection Galaxy by Rara Avis uses a textured pattern to draw attention. It does come with a matching cape with voluminous sleeves, so you can add a layer while still showing some leg.

Quito by Rara Avis

Bridal Gowns With Slits

Another modern trend that the collection is embracing is high slits. The slits offer you a chance to subtly reveal a little bit of skin while wearing a floor-length dress. The Galaxy collection offers two wedding dresses with slits, one an A-line and another slim-fitting.

One of the slit gowns is the Ifiginia Dress from the Collection Galaxy by Rara Avis. The gown has transparent details with beaded branches. The slit on the upper layer reveals the delicate pattern underneath, giving you a glimpse of skin.

Ifiginia by Rara Avis

Two-in-One Wedding Dresses

Whether you’re looking for a detachable skirt or removable sleeves, the Galaxy collection has options. It’s another versatile trend that can completely transform your look from one event to the next.

The Milar Dress comes with removable sleeves that can change the entire feel of the dress. Without the sleeves, it’s a classic A-line dress with sophisticated embroidered detail. Adding the sleeves offers extra coverage and creates an extra romantic element to the gown.

Milar by Rara Avis

The Stephanie Dress comes with a detachable skirt. It gives you a little extra volume to the original mermaid silhouette when you’re wearing the skirt. It lays over the embroidered dress to add some more length to the train.  It’s a perfect option if you want a dramatic train walking down the aisle, but something with less volume so you can dance during the reception.

Stephanie by Rara Avis

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