Collection Fairy Tale by Blammo-Biamo

For all the brides of 2022, Rara Avis Group released the collection Fairy Tale by Blammo-Biamo. Fairy Tale is the collection of your dreams. European designers crafted ethereal wedding gowns with their unique signature of optional details and accessories. With a dress from this collection, you can really look like a one-of-a-kind bride.

White Wedding Dresses

Collection Fairy Tale by Blammo-Biamo features all-white gowns. In this collection, the stunning white is dramatic and anything but simple. The crisp white is universally flattering and allows the amazing details of the dress to shine through.

Fairy Tale Collection Wedding Dress Details

The Blammo-Biamo designers use plenty of ruffles in the collection Fairy Tale to add shape and softness to their gowns. There is endless variety in this collection, from subtle ruffles to accentuate your features to full ruffles to add volume to the gown.

Understated ruffles on the corset add textured décor. The Berze Dress uses ruffles to draw attention to the top of the gown and add drama to the neckline. The Selestina Dress adds volume to the skirt with ruffles with an overlay. The pleats are light and airy to create a stunning silhouette that accentuates the waist.

Berze dress by Blammo-Biamo | Selestina dress by Blammo-Biamo

The collection Fairy Tale by Blammo-Biamo also uses sequins to add sparkle and sophistication to their wedding gowns. The Laner Dress adds sequins on the straps and along the exposed back for a refined and delicate style.

Wedding Gowns with Sleeves

Many of the wedding dresses in this collection feature sleeves perfect for a colder weather wedding or extra coverage for the arms. This collection has every different style sleeve to make you feel regal, whimsical, and extravagant.

If you have a love for long sleeves, the Mishel Dress has classic lace sleeves with a row of pearl buttons. It’s a modern take on classic royal gowns. The Selia Dress has beautiful off-shoulder sleeves that drape down the upper arm. This playful feature is removable, so you can choose between the two different looks and transform on your wedding day.

Long sleeves wedding dresses by Blammo-Biamo
Michelle dress by Blammo-Biamo | Selia by Blammo-Biamo

If you want to look like a true fairy princess on your wedding day, the sleeves with wings on the Esti Dress will turn you into a mystical being. The long, loose sleeves are airy and delicate, but they’re also detachable if you want to move freely throughout your wedding.

Puff sleeves give your wedding gown a high-fashion twist. The Bridjit Dress’ puff sleeves have white flowers adorning the gown, giving the entire look a softness that a bride wants. Puff sleeves are also removable, so you have options and more styles to photograph.

Esti dress by Blammo-Biamo | Bridjit dress by Blammo-Biamo

Unique Necklines of Fairy Tale Collection

Going beyond the classic sweetheart, a variety of necklines are available in the collection Fairy Tale by Blammo-Biamo. The sweetheart neckline is universally flattering, and many of the dresses have the classic neckline, but if you’re looking for something unique, you’ll find it in this collection.

With an asymmetrical one-shoulder design, the sheer wing-style sleeve of the Rolanda Dress has embroidery and lace near the shoulder. The corset bodice appears transparent, while the beading and lace draw the eye to the neckline. The Elain Dress modernizes the halter neckline by adding a string of pearl details around the neck with texture. This gown has the appearance of an inverted deep v-neck with lace details that emphasizes the bodice as the focal point.

Wedding gowns Collection Fairy Tale by Blammo-Biamo
Rolanda dress by Blammo-Biamo | Elain dress by Blammo-Biamo

The neckline on the Gaella Dress looks like decorative branches and leaves. The straps of the gown create a long line of branches through the bodice to the skirt. This gown will make any bride look like a forest fairy on her wedding day.

Gaela dress by Blammo-Biamo | Gveniver dress by Blammo-Biamo

Jansaia dress by Blammo-Biamo | Monik dress by Blammo-Biamo

Solanje dress by Blammo-Biamo | Selestina dress by Blammo-Biamo

Yiri ress by Blammo-Biamo | Vilanel dress by Blammo-Biamo

Discover the unique wedding dresses of the Fairy Tale collection by browsing the collection here.