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Daydreams are a reality with the 2023 Dolce Vita Collection by Rara Avis. Known for their themed collections — Wild Soul, Floral Paradise, and Sun Rays — Rara Avis is embarking on the romantic streets of Italy with their newest collection of unique wedding dresses. With sweeping trains, show-stopping sleeves, and unique fabrics, this collection brings the beauty of Italy to you — and to your special day.


Blue skies, stunning architecture, and timeless beauty: Italy is known for its romantic charm. Following their country-inspired collection, Sun Rays, Rara Avis designed Dolce Vita with the unique vibes of the Italian countryside in mind. Not only are the silhouettes and other details inspired by Italy. But the gowns are all named after words from the Italian language. And with Dolce Vita meaning “the sweet life”, it really doesn’t get sweeter than this collection.

Cannoli by Rara Avis | Sufle by Rara Avis


What makes this collection so special is the attention to detail. The Amaretti, Cannoli, Caprese, and Cavallucci all feature stunning three-dimensional floral detailing — bringing a bit of femininity to your bridal look. The fabrics are intertwined with roses, lavender sprigs, and other florals that are both enchanting and unique. 

Additionally, the Lamora and Nociata gowns are created with a floral-printed pattern for an understatedly chic statement. Either way, the floral detailing of the Dolce Vita Collection by Rara Avis makes for one-of-a-kind, Italian glamour-inspired looks for your big day. 

Collection Dolce Vita by Rara AvisLamora by Rara-Avis | Nociata by Rara Avis


The Dolce Vita Collection by Rara Avis is more than just floral patterns — the stunning sleeves on the gown accentuate the romantic, Italian vibes the collection embraces. The Amaretti gown features delicate lace long sleeves, complimented by a chic and dainty bodice. Additionally, the Cavallucci dress makes a statement with eye-catching, romantic, and absolutely unique sheer sleeves.

Amaretti by Rara Avis
| Cavallucci by Rara Avis

Falling effortlessly off the shoulders, the Lamela dress mixes Italian vibes with a boho-chic look flawlessly. Finally, the Mirobella gown’s puffy, dramatic sleeves are not only show-stopping but reminiscent of old Italian fashion. On your big day, a gown with unique sleeves is all you need for a picture-perfect bridal look. Simply breathtaking.

Mirobella by Rara Avis | Lamela by Rara Avis


Like their Floral Paradise Collection — which features silk dresses with floral motifs — the Dolce Vita Collection uses unique but on-brand fabrics to create a cohesive look. The Amaretti, Caprese, and Cavallucci gowns are all crafted with unique lace patterns that provide a contemporary twist on your typical bridal lace. For fun and flirty looks that are worthy of royalty, the Granita, Lamela, Marmellata, and Mirobella gowns are created with a stylish tulle. Additionally, the Grantia dress incorporates chic satin into the tulle bodice — and the beautiful Tiramisu gown channels Italian glamour into a sexy silk gown (that’s underneath a show-stopping lace overlay… for added drama).

Granita by Rara Avis | Tiramisu by rara Avis

For some dresses, however, Rara Avis chose a unique fabric that’s worthy of the spotlight: The Truffle and Panacotta gowns are both made with shiny satin fabric. The Truffle gown has a timeless high-neck silhouette with a low back, while the Panacotta gown is a fitted-mermaid style that’s sexy, chic, and totally stylish. 

Between the beautiful fabrics, dramatic silhouettes, and timeless fashion, the Dolce Vita Collection by Rara Avis is sure to sweep you off of your feet.

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Vivia by Rara Avis | Lamora by Rara Avis

Pannacotta by Rara Avis | Marmellate by Rara Avis

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