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Careers at Luxx-Nova

Be the Bridal Superstar

We're Looking For!

Are you extraordinary? Do weddings light up your world? We're searching for a remarkable part-time and full-time Bridal Consultant to join us.

Why Be Ordinary?

We're after something special, and that could be you! While experience is preferred, we're open to candidates without one. Bring your passion, and we'll help you shine!

Start Small, Dream Big:

Imagine yourself as the heart of our store, turning bridal dreams into reality. As a Bridal Consultant, you'll be the guiding star for our brides and their families, selecting dresses, and making their wishes come true.

Unleash Excitement and MAYbe More:

As a Bridal Consultant, you'll enter a world of excitement. And guess what? Your journey might not end there. This role could be just the beginning of something amazing!

Join Our Bridal Family:

If you're ready to bring top-notch customer service, fulfill dreams, and be a part of something bigger, then this is your chance. Become a Bridal Consultant today and let the magic begin!

Your bridal adventure starts here. Apply today and let the journey unfold!

Bridal Consultant