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Buying wedding gown online

Picture this: it is your wedding day. Gorgeous hair, perfect shoes, tears in your eyes… and the most beautiful, princess-like wedding gown to match. By the time of the proposal, many modern brides have already browsed plenty of wedding magazines, gone bridal shopping with their friends, and created a mood board on Pinterest. She has saved all the details such as favorite gowns venues, photographers, and bouquets, down to every last detail on Instagram. Now that she has built up a full wedding picture in her mind she says: “YES! I will marry you!”

As the excitement about the ring wanes, a new chapter of the couple’s lives begins. Wedding planning is now front and center. Many brides decide to purchase their wedding gown before they make any other wedding plans. Saying “yes to the dress” is the one of the most important decisions, and one of the most touching parts of the whole planning process. The wedding dress is the focal point of the entire wedding-it has to be the perfect dress!  Before you know it, it’s time to book an appointment with your favorite bridal store, and invite your mother and your maid of honor to join you. You then try on your very first dress and see the look on your mother’s face, beaming with pride. In the end, you find THAT PERFECT DRESS you’ve always dreamed about.

Now imagine this. You realize your local stores don’t carry the dress of your dreams. You have looked and looked in stores, and exhausted all the possibilities. You still cannot find YOUR dress. Or maybe the dress you are in love with is too expensive? Or it won’t be able to arrive on time? At this point, it’s time for you to discover a whole new world – online bridal gown shopping.

“Buying wedding gown online?” “No way,” “It’s too risky,” “But I need to try it on”- were these your first thoughts? These thoughts are certainly valid and we cannot disagree. We’ve been there too. But let’s think together about why online bridal gown shopping could be a great option for you. Let’s overcome your fears!

Advantages of buying wedding gown online

Prices are significantly cheaper than in the stores. Due to decreased overhead and personnel costs as compared to a brick and mortar store, online bridal stores are generally able to offer reduced prices on gowns.

Flexible return policy. We know that with online shopping, it can be more difficult to determine your perfect fit and style. Look for online stores that have a flexible return policy that can ease your mind about online shopping. It is usually not possible to return wedding dresses in regular stores if you change your mind.

Faster delivery time. Online stores boast faster delivery times. In-store delivery can take anywhere from nine to eleven months, whereas online purchases can be as quick as one month.

More gowns to choose from. Online inventories typically offer a more extensive selection, including brands and sizes.

Uniqueness of the dress. Online stores possess a larger variety of dresses, and offer some unique and lesser-known brands, as well as high-quality imported brands. This is the perfect chance for you to find that one of a kind, unique wedding dress.

Convenience. Online shopping allows you to shop from home, in your pjs. All you need is your computer and you are good to go! This option offers you comfort and convenience. The digital age has now come to bridal shopping!

Option to custom size. Many stores will offer standard sizes only. Not all stores are able to make a custom sized dress.

Now we have shared with you some of the advantages of buying wedding gown online. Of course, there are always cons to every pro. In this case, the most significant con is that you cannot try it on the gown. This can bring about issues with fit and sizing which can be difficult when buying the dress for your special day. Issues with choosing the correct silhouette, size, and alterations can present problems when purchasing a wedding gown online. Let’s talk about some this some more.

Frequently, brides start shopping online after they have already tried on many, many dresses in-store. So it means that you have a really good understanding of what kind of silhouette you are looking for, and how different styles fit your body type. Stick to what is tried-and-true; what you know works for your body type.

Not having an in store alteration professional can be an issue when it comes to fit. If you feel comfortable with it, take your measurements yourself. There are plenty of tutorials online to show you how to do this properly. However, if you don’t feel comfortable taking your own measurements, you can have a seamstress take your measurements before ordering your online dress. When you go to place your online order, submit all this information together with your order.

What if?

What if your dress still a little bit too small/too big when it arrives?This is a common occurrence when buying your dress in-store as well. Often, more alterations are needed once the dress arrives. A perfectly fitted dress on the first attempt may be hard to come by. This is a step that would most likely be necessary whether buying your dress in-store or online. Here, it is helpful to budget a little extra money for alterations.

What if you don’t like the dress you have ordered when you buying wedding gown online? This is a big concern for most brides. You may find an online store with a flexible return policy. For example, Luxx Nova is online store that has a very flexible return policy for standard size dresses. Fees are usually associated with returning big-ticket items such as a wedding dress, but after you pay a small fee, you will receive most of your money back. There is also the option of selling the dress, which is an equally preferable option.

In summary, online bridal gown shopping can be a great opportunity to find your perfect dress. This option is not for everyone, but it does have a lot of advantages. We hope this article has assuaged your fears about buying wedding gown online. If you are a fearless, modern bride who is looking for unique gown Luxx Nova is happy to offer you amazing high quality European styles gowns of different designers like Rara Avis, Ange Etoiles, Blammo-Biamo.

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